Isnin, 6 Disember 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Remember this cute little girl?

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Her name is Nurin Jazlin bt. Jazimin. She was born on 11 Sept, 1999 and died on 16 September, 2007, 5 days after her 8th birthday. She was abducted on 20 August, 2007 and her dead bod was found on the morning of 17 September 2007. A cucumber and brinjal was found stuffed inside her genitals and had cause her rectum to ruptured. Who did this to her? The killer was believed to be a psychopath killer, and he was still free out there.
pic source: google
Can you imagine what this poor girl had gone through? Scared and suffering in pain. You may ask, what can I do? The killer is a psychopath. Actually we can do something, we can help by being more alert and cautious to our surrounding. A witness saw Nurin Jazlin was dragged into a white van on the day that she was missing, he/she can easily note down the plat number or report the incident immediately to the nearest police station.

 Please, don't be afraid to be a busy body. Treat every child like your own, regardless their race or religion. A child need us, adults to protect them not to be abused or neglected.
This is one of many cases of child abuse that I wish will never happen again. 

You can also do your part by participating in the UNICEF's Get On Board Campaign

I already get on board and raised my hand

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