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"You again?"

Secondary school in Malaysia is not as nasty as high school in the USA. That I can be sure of. However, the concept is still the same. A group of popular student will make fun and try to make others look bad, so they can always look cool.
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I am not sure about others, but my school year is not something that I like to go through again. Nope, thank you very much! This is why..

I had a crush with this one boy (when I think of it, it was so ridiculous!). Imagine, I like him since we in form 1. When both of us in form 4, a group of girl'friends' suddenly realized it and try to get me to confess. I thought they are my friends, so I did. I regret it afterwards when these girls spill the beans and let the whole school knew about it.

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Gossip is good, when it is not about you!

The problem is, this guy hates me and feel offended when he knew about it. I am not what you can call 'hot' during my school days. I wear braces and I don't have the best personality too. These girls keep on making fun of me to that guy which make the situation un-bearable.
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If I look like this when I wore braces, I think it still look hot!

Once, these girls told me that that guy rather kill himself than knowing I had a crush on him.

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Kill himself? How? By drinking these?!!

I never speak to him again after that incident. It was soooo embarassing! The last time I saw him is at a friends wedding, that is 3 years ago. I make a quick escape when I saw him. I guess some people do have problem move on. Those girls were there too, but I try my best to avoid them.
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Although, I am happily married today, I still hope I will never have to meet those girls again. Because I am not sure how to react when it happens. Maybe watching this can help..

Tell me about it! I already hates Odette Yustman and Sigourney Weaver characters in this movie. They are so great in high school and still try to make other's life feels like hell after that. I really need to watch this movie, for tips on how to over come the person that you wish you never meet again!

Interested with this movie? Details at Nuffnang blogs.

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white rose berkata...

kedengaran macam besh je cite ni...

alamak, cite magika pun blm tengok lagi wei...

mama_umar_maryam berkata...

nia..rasenye yg 'girlfrens' yg bukan frens tu mesti rase cam,alah..xde ape2pon,just kesah zaman skolah,tp org yg menanggungnye tu..hmm..xper,just live the heppy life u have now,ntah2 yg 'girlfrens' tu pon xseheppy nia ;p

DrSinga berkata...

tu bukan kawan........