Isnin, 25 Oktober 2010

3f's first blog contest

I am joining this contest from 3f. You can check about this contest here.
This contest will need me to choose one entry from 3f's blog and why do I like it. There were too many entries in 3f that I like an I put it under few categorization.

1) About herself
Why do I like it?
1) I never been to Penang, so this is like a guide for me, with pictures!
2) I prefer to have a guideline like this, because it will look more realistic than the guide that you usually get. This is like a testimonial while the usual guideline will only tell you where to go generally.
3) I love the pictures and the technique that she used for these pictures.

2) Her handmade
Currently, she's starting a new range of handmade items.
Why I like it?
1) It shows her creative side.
2) This entry is full with her new collection of bags.
3) All this handmade range are using designer fabric, everything is nice to look at.

3) Blog she likes

She wrote about this nice blog sometimes ago and I really like it.

Why I like it?
1) This entry shows a few example of what a mother could do when she is on confinement.
2) A lot of pictures of sleeping baby with cute pose, eg: baby going to the park, in a forest. However, the pictures is no longer there as there is some people who used the pictures for advertising without the blog owner's consent.
3) It give me some ideas on what I can do for my next baby. How it can be a fun and memorable activity.

4) Current Issues

Why do I like it?
1) When I first read this, I did not heard about the news yet, so this is like a NEWS for me.
2)Although, this is a short entry, the way she's wrote it, really touched my heart.

Again, if you all interested to join this contest, check it out here ya!