Jumaat, 28 Mei 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

At first, when I heard that Pizza Hut was launching a new product, I was like..."new product again?"..I am never a big fan of meat or chicken. My favourite is always seafood or fish to be exact. I do realize that I am causing a lot of trouble to my friends and family everytime we are planning to go out for lunch or dinner.
This new Fish King Pizza is like a life saver for them..and me too..of course!
I can't wait for our next lunch or dinner outing, so I drag my husband and my little daughter for a dinner at Pizza Hut instead.
Our favourite Pizza Hut outlet is at The Extreme Park, Shah Alam. We like it there because most of the customer will choose to take away instead of dine-in. So, the place is quite peaceful for us to enjoy our pizza.

We arrive there at 8.30 pm and I had a bit of adrenaline rush, as I remembered one of my friend told me that, she still have not try the Fish King Pizza because it is always sold out at her place.

Luckily, it will not be happening to me, today. We manage to place our order on the Fish King Pizza. Ha,..then I can brag it to my friends.

While waiting for our order, I realized my daughter Diha was staring out to the empty space. I thought I saw what she was thinking. "What types of fish do they put on the pizza?"..

Cute & Cuddly Fish?
Boring Fish?
Pretty Fish?
Tasty Fish of course! Fresh Alaskan Pollock!

I can feel my saliva was drooling as our Fish King Pizza arrived! Oh, my! Look at the amount of topping that they put on top of it! Look at the Larva Cheese! Look at the cheese on the topping! Look at the Crab Stick!! So much for me to look for that I almost forgot that I suppose to try and taste it. Haha..

Woo,..can you see the cheese? The juicy pineapple? The capsicum? The yellow onion? I tell you, this is one pizza that you must try! It bursting with deliciousness (is that even a word? hehe..)

Diha tried to see if the pizza is real. She can't believe her eyes too. I never see a food with so many 'lauk' on top of it! 

Ok, she manage to steal one Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger. Hey, now somebody will get a slice without a fish! OK, I will make sure my husband have it instead of me..hehe..

Hey, why is this larva cheese look very funny? Oh,..right, Diha tried to push it back in earlier. No way, this larva cheese is too full in the pizza crust that is was bursting to flow out.

Diha enjoying the Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger that she got. Weird, she never be a fan of a fish before. Nobody make a fish taste better than Pizza Hut i think.

OK,..will I stop drooling now? 

Know more about your pizza! Alaskan Pollock look like a fierce fish...'raar!!

Side view of the Fish King Pizza. The pizza sauce was awesome! Creamy and tasty!

I love to squeeze some lemon on my topping. It give a delicious soury taste. Fish and lemon is always a good combination. Remember a quote describing a delicious food for Malay? It is sooo delicious that you don't even realize if your mother in law was standing beside of you..haha.

The close-up of Alaskan Pollock Fish Finger, you can even see the filling. Pure fish! 

Ok, now..we are done! Our first try on the Fish King Pizza but surely this is not the last. My husband is so particular about our money spending but he told me, this pizza is worth every cents!

Pizza Hut rocks!

For all of you..what are you waiting for

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