Sabtu, 3 April 2010

Owh, award! Terima kasih ya~~

1. thank and link the person who gave u the award
i got this from azzah dearie
thank you dear, i yang beautiful ke blog i ni..hehe..

2. pass the award to bloggers you recently discovered and think are fantastic
recently discovered? i kira yang few months back la ya. owh, yang lama dah discovered tak kira la yek, just to name a few,

Farah Yusri : she's sweet, hope to meet up with her one day

momguess : dia cool babe!

ayu : she always give her in-depth thinking in her entry

cik lily putih : this lady said she's mad about everything

Lily : updated her blogs once in 5 years, ele, sekrg dah kerap dah

maRIna: newbies in blogging

Suziey : Pn.Pengetua for the previous gathering

Mama Tisya : businesswoman berjaya ni..hehe

DrSinga : Dia kata dia garang..

Yang lain i bagi award lain nanti, hehe..

3. contact said blog to let them know they've won the award
will do that later

4. seven things bout yourself
  • i had phobia with heights

  • hates to dress up

  • hates arrogant people

  • hates people that try to get supports after being accused on something instead of explaning the real thing to peoples involved

  • hates my school years

  • i had a crush on Yusry (KRU) when I'm in form 2. Currently he is single.. Probably waiting for me, poor thing. I'm happily married lah, sorry lah ya.

  • loves my BFF

3 ulasan:

momguess berkata...

lu kata gua cool beb!!!
pitam kejaps maks
nnt gua abik award ni k

Farah Yusri berkata...

Whoah, terima kasih Kak Nia! Thank you sebab buat announcement yang saya sweet kat blog akak. Would definitely love to have a meet up when I get back, inshaAllah. Hikhik terharu :p

Suka betul part Yusry KRU tu. Saya terima award ni dengan happynya! Will do the same kat blog sendiri yeh :) Thanks again Kak!

DrSinga berkata...

nanti jawab....