Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Why I Like It Longer? Well,..I have a few reason here..

Reminder : A remote control was used as LG Chocolate (BL40) in this entry.
Small hands love small phone,
This is my baby favorite zone,
She thought the small phone is like a bone,
A puppy will fetch it wherever it was thrown.

My daughter used to throw my small phone as she thought it is one of her toys. I don't see why she will throw away a long and sleek phone like LG Chocolate. I bet she will be mesmerized instead!

They said, 'feel' is everything,
Our phone length is one thing,
Too short make you feel nothing,
A longer phone will be soothing.

Seriously, a shorter phone than LG Chocolate Phone will make us lose the feeling of using a phone. It almost equivalent to nothing. A longer phone like LG Chocolate will get us to feel something!

Internet browsing will be more fun,
If a wider screen is on the run,
A small screen is not to hunt,
I will rather give it to my aunt.

A small screen will minimize your internet experience. For smaller screen, any application that you choose to browse will be poorly displayed. With LG Chocolate phone, you will even forgot that you are browsing with a handphone!

When you are using a smaller phone,
To drop it by accident you will be prone,
The money you spend on it will be gone,
All on the phone that you have thrown.

I used to know a friend that lost her handphone twice, because her handphone is so small and short. It slip easily from her pocket and she never realized it until it is too late. Longer handphone like LG Chocolate phone is nothing like that, it will be impossible for it to slip out easily!

It is not that I think I got class,
It just people around me love the blast,
When they saw a longer phone that will last,
Compared to the old one like a short glass.

People will look up to you when they see you with this longer LG Chocolate phone instead of a shorter phone. A shorter phone is hardly to be seen due to its size.

My friends thought it was funny,
For a tall person like me with money,
Using a short phone from my honey,
They think longer phone will be more trendy.

Actually, I do not have that much money (just used it to make a rhyme!), but I am quite tall. Friends will tease me if I am using anything that is not like me (they laugh when I am thinking to buy a Kancil few years back!). Same goes with my short and small phone, they told me the phone is nothing like me. They suggested me to use LG Chocolate instead, which is why I am joining this contest! *wink!

Why I Like it Longer? (LG Chocolate)

L = Love the physical appearence
O = Only for those with great sense of style
N = Nothing compared to it fully touch screen
G = Glossy, sleek and thin like a Supermodel
E = Enhanced your internet browsing experience
R = Ruling the runaway of its own

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