Isnin, 18 Januari 2010

"I hate Friso Gold & Nuffnang Family Day Out!" - Mr. Bacteria

I am not the happiest person ( if I can be call a person) at the
Nuffnang FrisoGold Family Day Out!
You want to know why?
I don’t even know where to start.

Let me start from the very beginning.

Invitation for the Nuffnang FrisoGold Family Day Out was send to 80 bloggers with the most creative entry. Of course all of them are more than excited to attend this event and so are we…well, at first we are. We thought it will be a field day for us, kids being themselves, running and shouting and being their own curios self. We just can’t wait, we love infecting curious kids, its easy!

The event started by Mr.Marcus, as the emcee of the event, followed by Mr. Nicholas and a representative from Dutch Lady.

A talk started immediately after the briefing session, some parents choose to listen to the talk, while some parents were busy with their active kids. For parents with the ‘orange stickers’, they have to wait for their child turn to enter the Gym room as only 20 child allowed to be in that room at one time.

I choose to stay for the talk, well, who knows if they are plotting against us? And I am right, the nutritionist from Dutch Lady started to explain about FrisoGold to the parents. Oh, no! The more they understand about FrisoGold, the more interested they will be to give FrisoGold for their kids. Something like FrisoGold is like a ‘horror flick’ movie for us bacteria. They even inform the audience that they will be quiz at the end of the session with a prize. This is bad!! Now all these parents will be more interested than ever with the talk; most of them can answer the question correctly with an interested expression on their face.

Second session was by Ruth, a child expert..oopps, enemy! I have to admit, she is a very knowledgable person, and she knows how to take care of her kids and us, bacteria (not in a good way of course!). I am very interested with one of her story; about her eldest daughter thought a ‘chocolate thing’ coming out from her baby sister dypers is real chocolate and ate it! I am laughing hysterically.

Outside the conference room, I am shell-shocked to see that some kids are having a sand-art session. I hate kids doing MENTAL STIMULATION activity as this is one of the factors that increase their immunity.

To make it worse, some of them are running and relaxing in the pool of balls. Arghhh!! Running is part of an exercise! RELAXING & EXERCISING too will increase their immunity! At that point, I knew this will turn out to be a very bad day for me and my fellows’ bacteria.

Then, it is lunch time. I never thought they will prepare a proper meal at a place like this. I thought it will be one dish, and that is it. No balance diet and no interesting foods that can make these kids interested. But I am dead-wrong! For a toddler, the meal consist spaghetti, beef cocktails, a fruit salad, a cheese bun and a drink. Full of NUTRITION! which means, increase in immunity! Yikes!These kids eat them eagerly as all of them are very hungry running and screaming around as we look at them with full of disappointment.

Oh, did I told you all parents reminded their kids to wash their hands before eating? Yup, PERSONAL HYGIENE..another factor to improve kids immunity! Arghh!!

After that, a magic show! Oucch!! Another mental stimulation! Everyone is engaged with the performance, even the parents. Honestly, the entire trick done is very suitable for kids’ standard and they look very entertained. They laugh and they concentrate to the entire show.

Oh, did I tell you that laughter can also increase their immunity. Unfortunately for me, I cannot find a single kids’ without any laughter on that day. All kids looks so happy and lovable by their parents! LOVE + LAUGHTER = Immunity increase again!! How bad was that?? Very!

Just as I thought they will just go on and precede with the contest results, there was a dancing session for the kids! I think I will explode! Exercising again = immunity being increased again!

Then, the results session came and a RM100 voucher are given to 10 best entries. I check on some of the entries, and got freak out! These entries are good! And make us scared! The amount of knowledge that they had to go against us!! The Grand Prize Winner is Ms. Nor Rosmini a.k.a Littlemama from mombloggersplanet.Trust me, with a mom with immunity knowledge like hers, no bacteria will even dare to try infecting her little daughter!

Oh!! They just need to spoilt my day further by giving away FrisoGold for each family! Ouch! Imagine IMMUNIZATION with Friso Gold = More immunity! That's it, me, Mr. Bacteria is officially not attending this again next time!

Blog Owner : But I still want to attend next year!!

See You!

Photo Credit to : Shaolin Tiger

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h4ni3 berkata...

good luck nia :)

maRina berkata...

ramai gile org eh? padat betul,
mcm2 bau ade, hahahaha

nadnye berkata...

bole menang nie ..good luck yea

Liza berkata...

wow, very creative, love the way you tell the story

unlisted_one berkata...

Hanie : Thanks dear!! I need all the luck.

Marina : Mane ade bau le, budak2 sumer bau wangi la, bau2 baby sumer.

Nadnye: Boleh menang ke Nad? Alahai, kalau u yg jadi judge, indahnya dunia..hehe..

Liza : Thank you Liza, that means a lot to me!

.Dd LaLa. berkata...

i like this one... creative!

Eyriqazz berkata...

Friso Gold really a great event..semoga ianya diadakan setiap tahun..

Ada Apa Dengan BeautifulNara

Intan berkata...

Yup really creative...views from mr. bacteria perspecive ;)

Gud luck dear!

unlisted_one berkata...

.Dd LaLa - Thanks dear, its not everyday people call you creative..u really make my day.

Eyriqazz - Yer,..saya pn hrp akn ada lagi nanti, sure nak join.. :)

Intan : Thanks mummy Intan. u make my day too..:)

Nessa berkata...

Good luck Nia. Great entry!! Two thumbs up :D