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I am joining this contest again. For December, the theme is Baby Smiling. Quite a tough competition as smiling is one of the common thing that babies do. I can still remember, my baby started to break into her first smile when she is 2 months. At that time, me and my husband just finish shaving her hair (after her 'aqiqah'). We put her into her bouncer after that and I started to play with her chin. Then spontanously, she break into a smile (more like a grin for me). That is the sweetest smile in the whole wide world! ( I think all mummy will think the same about their child!).

Facts about Baby Smiling.
-Babies smile during sleep from the day they’re born.
-Infant smiles have nothing to do with gas.
-Your baby will respond to, and smile at, auditory stimulus (such as your voice) before visual.
-At two to three months, your baby starts to look right at you when she smiles.
-By six months, your baby will have different smiles – open mouth smiles usually indicate more
joy than closed.
Source : http://www.justthefactsbaby.com/

These are some tips to make your baby smile :

1)Give a smile to get a smile. Some babies will mimic you by smiling back. Smile brightly at your baby and he may give you a huge grin of his own.
2)Rattle off a raspberry. Some babies love when a parent sticks out her tongue and blows to make that familiar razzing sound. Test out a raspberry out on your baby and see if he smiles. Blowing with your lips together can also be an effective alternative.
3)Talk to your baby in a high-pitched, sing-song voice. Saying your baby's name and talking funny while making animated facial expressions may cause her to laugh.
4)Use a toy to talk to your baby. Move the toy around while talking to get your baby to laugh. Babies like repetition, so doing this over and over may convince him to give you a giggle. Squeaky toys or other toys that make noise may also make a baby smile.
5)Give your baby a mirror. Many babies will smile at their own reflection. An unbreakable plastic mirror works great for this activity.
6)Give your baby lots of loud kisses. Making kissing noises and kissing your baby rapidly from cheek to cheek may cause her to laugh.
Source : http://www.ehow.com/

Some babies will have an early smile, while some don't, here are some expert tips for babies with a late smile. A mother is sharing her problem with her 7 weeks child ( 7 weeks? and she worried her baby is not smiling?i think 7 weeks is consider early..)
Source : http://www.babycenter.com/

You're certainly right to think of your baby's smile as a barometer of how she's feeling about herself and the world. But 7 weeks old is too soon to worry if a baby hasn't broken out in a grin yet. The first social smile may appear as early as 6 weeks, but it's unlikely to be a regular feature for quite a while. Generally, babies smile readily by 12 weeks, and by 6 months most smile ecstatically at the people they know best.In the highly unlikely event that your baby doesn't smile by 3 months old, consult your baby's doctor to see whether there's a biological reason. Most babies this age — unless they're ill or overtired —will flash grins, especially in familiar settings with people and toys they know.

I choose these pictures for this contest. Her smile almost look like a grin, but it is still a smile, that's for sure.

Baby Name : Madihah bt. Muhamad Zamzuri
Date of Birth : 1st December, 2008

Why do I love to see my baby smiling?

1) Her smile will cure all the pain in my heart.
2) Her smile will make me feel blessed being her mother.
3) Her smile makes me think, how can I live without you in my life before?
4) Her smile makes me feel that I am the most important person in her life.
5) Her smile is like the sweetest fruit that you ever taste in your entire life.
6) Her smile makes me feel all the sacrifices that I done for her is worth it.
7) Her smiles make me feel motivated to be a good mother.
8) Her smile is like a strong bond between me and her.
9) Her smile is a symbol of our happy family life.
10) Her smile makes me feel she forgive me although I am not at her side 24/7
11) Her smile is something that me and my husband will cherish until our old age. (as long a we don't go senile!)

and 100 more of other reason!!

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