Khamis, 10 Disember 2009

Kak Emila's Tote Bag and Calendar!!

Yay!! I already received this bag and calendar from Kak Emila of Emila's Illustrated Blog.

THANK YOU KAK!! You really make my day!

I LOVE IT!!! The tote bag was handmade by Kak Emila. Seriously, it was love at first sight..Aww..

I keep calling my office receiptonist since morning to ask if there is any parcel for me. Believe me, she got really irritated. After lunch, she call me and told me to come down and pick up my parcel. I don't care if I have to walk all the way to the receiptonist, excited punya pasal!

For the calendar, 12 cute illustration from Kak Emila. What not to love? Oh, anyone interested with the calendar, just order it here. Only RM12.90!! Trust me, you gonna love it!! The problem is, I dah rasa sayang pulak nak pakai calendar ni..adoi!

2 ulasan:

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e berkata...

kalo sayang, meh bagi eliss ni..hikss..larikss

unlisted_one berkata...

hehe,..mane mau lari tuh..uii,..kalau dh syg nak pakai, nak bg kat eliss lagi tak sanggup..huhu..