Isnin, 14 Disember 2009

Is this a girl or a boy?

Have you been asked by a stranger if your baby is a girl or a boy? Will you be offended if they guess it wrongly? I experienced this today when I am about to send my little girl to her nursery. An old aunty was walking by in front of our house and asking me, "ini perempuan ka, laki2?" while showing at my daughter. I just smile and said " perempuan la aunty". The aunty just smile and start calling my baby "girl".

Actually, its a common thing for babies (or toddlers) for people to be confuse of their gender. Some baby dont have any problem at all, their face features are obviously showing their gender either they are a girl or a boy. For my Madihah, her face look a lot like her father, and I mean A LOT! Its a good thing actually, as my Opah used to tell me, my daughter will be 'cool' with me (less arguement between us) if she is following her father's face instead of her mom.

I do have my moment of mistakenly calling a baby girl as a boy. Her mom look offended, she already put a girls clothing on her baby, but I still thought her baby is a boy. Whoops! I tak perasan laa,..

Moral of the story is:

1) When you are not sure of the baby gender, just ask for the baby name from his/her mom. You can figure out what is the baby gender by then.

2) Don't get offended/ worry if your baby don't look like what she suppose to be. She/ He will change eventually.

Do I look like a boy?

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Intan berkata...

Nia, u know what...arissa pon byk kali gak masa dia kecik org mistaken dia bb boy...uwaaaa...gerammmm tul rasa.

Dah lah baju dia sllu pakai warna PINK pon org leh salah gak...maybe sbb dia dulu bolat hu :(

sue berkata...

org slalu ingt my baby gegirl. sbb rmai org ckp muka dia lembut.

unlisted_one berkata...

Intan : Ha? Arissa mmg dah nampak muka girl dah tu. Tapi ade jgk org tersilap yek? Maybe memang susah nak detect bila baby tu kecik lagi kot.hehe..

Sue : Isyk, tapi i tengok gambar baby u, i terus tau boy.hehe,..kdg2 org terlepas pandang la tuh.