Jumaat, 11 Disember 2009

I am hired!

I am hired as one of MBP Ambassador by Cik Ros a.k.a Littlemama of Mombloggersplanet. Thank you Littlemama!

MBP also choose another 10 bloggers as contributors.

To any of you who are still wondering what MBP is, it is actually stand for

This is where all the mummy bloggers unites. At MBP, you will have

1) Marketplace

If you have any online business and want to have a better exposure for it, just list it here.

2) Blog Directory

Need to boost traffic to your blog? Try and list it here.

3)Blog review

Get some tips for your blog here!

4) Contest
Monthly cutest baby contest with attractive prizes!

and lots more!!

Do visit Mombloggersplanet for info!

4 ulasan:

Intan berkata...

Tahniah Nia!!!

Wahhh bz lah dia lepas nie...he he :)

unlisted_one berkata...

hehe,..dgrnya akn bz utk arrange gathering nanti ni..

nadnye berkata...

tahniah yea

unlisted_one berkata...

Thank you nadnye!