Jumaat, 4 Disember 2009

How Do You Organize Your Bag?

This is a contest by Gin & Jacqie and MomBloggersPlanet. For more info about the contest, click here. As we all know, almost all woman have their own handbag. This is mine. I bought this bag even before I am married, and now I am adjusting this bag to be a mummy bag.

How do I organize my bag? Well, that is what Gin & Jacqie and Mombloggersplanet want to know. The truth is, I never organize my bag. This is how my bag will looks like everytime we need to go out anywhere.

and at the bottom of the bag, we can see

What an awful sight! I am also experiencing difficulties when my handphone is ringing, I need to dig in a pile of item before getting to my handphone! oh,..and not forgetting the day that I left my wallet at home because I thought it already in the bag!

This contest is giving me something to think about. So, I started to try and organize my bag.

I tied all my lipstick, pen and lip gloss together with a rubberband.

I gathered up all my coins into one cute purse.

and then, I arranged them all into my bag, like this..

err,..this is not the result that I imagine. It still look like a mess to me!!

The prize for this contest is this lovely Organize Jacq set from Gin & Jacqie. This set comprise of 2 different size bags.

I really hope to win one of those, considering I don't have the natural talents to organize my own handbag! Organize Jacq by Gin & Jacqie is a must have for mommies who needs to multitask and have a balance between her career and life. Organize Jacq comes with a lots of compartments which makes organizing handbag as easy as ABC!
Each Organize Jacq bag has:
Velcro tab opening
Two exterior side compartments for handphone and I-pod
One back exterior compartment to hold tissues and notes
One front exterior compartment
Four pen holders
Two interior sub-compartments to hold keys and make up items
One large interior compartment for wallet and bigger items

Wow! Its like a busy (or should I call it lazy?like me? haha..) people dream comes true!

I can imagine how this bag will change me into a more organize person. After all, there is a very BIG difference between my bag and Organize Jacq by Gin& Jacqie.

When I put it to that perspective, I have to admit, YES, I really need Organize Jacq!

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Mommy Lyna berkata...

Good luck dear!

lili11 berkata...

Wow ... hope u win! Apa kata join juga kontes Hidup Berani untuk Gagal. RM5 sudah pasti. Mungkin banyak $$$$ menanti ... Jom!


unlisted_one berkata...

Thank you Mommy Lyna and Lili!!