Ahad, 13 Disember 2009


A friend of ask me that question a few months ago. I knew that he was joking but when I think about it, I do realize that Facebook is the 'in' thing for the moment. A few years back, it was FRIENDSTER.

Friendster had undergo a makeover and I think it is a good makeover. The new layout look lively and FUN!

I have one friend who is loyal to Friendster. He told me "saya setia sama Friendster" (he's an Indian, that's explain the 'slang' ok..) . According to him, Friendster is better and he have no reason to open a Facebook account. He even use Friendster to submit all his poem,..(I am lost actually, you can submit poem in Friendster?)

I still have my Friendster account, but I rarely check it compared to my Facebook account. Maybe I should balance it, for old time sake. I still remember I used to put my status in Friendster as "It's complicated" when I am still in an 'on and off' relationship with my boyfriend (read: Mr. Hubby) at that time. I can also remember how I approved one of my ex-schoolmate half-heartedly to be my friend in Friendster (she was mean to me when we still in school ok? and I do realize that I sound like a sore-loser,..haha)

For more information on Friendster, click HERE.

I got nothing against Facebook, dont' worry. Love both of my accounts.

Have you check on your Friendster account today?

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e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e berkata...

my boyfriend(read:My hubby) suh aku delete akaun friendster dulu sebab ramai sangat jantan dlm tuh..huhuhu
bila aku nak bukak facebook, dier buat dek..baik tak payah bukak :P kang kena delete lagik :P

sue berkata...

ku da lama tak update frenster.. facebbok plak ada jek akaun. pon tak update gak. tapi kan tak bape suka la tulisan dan kaler baru friendster. macam... tatau nak cakap macam apa! hehheee..

unlisted_one berkata...

Eliss : Wah,..dulu2 ramai kawan laki la nih..hehe,..takpe la, jeles tu tanda syg.

Sue : Ha,..tau dah Sue nak ckp mcm ape..haha..