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Weird Tips to Stop Your Babies From Crying

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If your calm voice and gentle touch plus other normal method had failed to make your baby stop crying, you can always try these methods.

B – Baby can easily be distracted, well, maybe not all, but my baby is. I will used a sound that she rarely heard such as a blender, vacuum cleaner or even a foreign language TV show (try KBSW at Astro, my baby will stop crying and start wrinkling instead when she heard the news is in Korean,..haha, cute!). I will switch on these sounds abruptly while she was crying (if you are using a blender, please make sure there is something to blend, to make the sound more realistic!). These sounds will make baby stop crying and she will try to figure out the source of that sound.

A – Always try to engage the baby in a conversation by suddenly showing her something. “Hey look, …red ball!”, “Hey, is this your rubber ducky?”. The more colourful the thing is the better. Keep her attention by talking to her about this. By engaging her in a conversation, it will keep her interested and stop crying. This can even be a learning process for her, when she is observing the thing that you show her while listening to your talking.

B – Bring her out from the house when she is crying, for a change of environment but not in rainy days. If you are taking her out at night, please be aware of mosquitoes. Anything that she observes outside, will be a new and interesting environment for her, she will stop crying and busy looking around instead. Click here for example.

Y – Youtube can also be one of the methods that can help you. Search for any interesting video clips that you think your baby will be interested (but please, no heavy metal video clips, ok?). My baby love to watch “I’m the Baby” from the 80’s TV Series, Dinosaurs. That song was by one of the character, Baby Sinclair. My baby will stop crying and give 100% attention to that song. She doesn’t even mind watching it over and over again. If your baby got bored, you can always search for new clips, you have endless choices using youtube!

The 1st 60seconds is a conversation between baby sinclair and the host.

C – Chicken dance can work too, but usually I will use this to entertain my baby when no one was around (and I rarely do it, because it was too embarrassing!). I figure out if my other attempt to make her to stop crying failed, then she maybe looking for a new type of entertainment. I will wear her father yellow rain-coat and start my chicken dance (not sure what a chicken dance is? Easy, you can always search the net for it.) She will stop crying and laugh eventually. You can read about chicken dance here. but I prefer just to flap my arms.

R – Record the sound of her crying and used it against her. I will play back the sound loudly (well, not so loud, but loud enough to compete with the real crying). She will stop crying once she realizes, there’s someone else crying too and try to search for the other ‘baby’.

Y – You can also try to take her to the kitchen and give her a chance to experience different type of tastes! Yes, while she was crying, put honey to her mouth or any other food that is safe for your babyconsumption. She will stop crying and concentrate on the taste instead. Other thing that you can try is mashed banana, blended kiwi puree or jelly.

I – If it is hot outside and your baby is crying endlessly, you can also try to give her a bubble bath, instead of the routine bathing method. Fill in the tub, put in the bubble bath, put in the rubber ducky or her favourite bathing time toys and she is ready for her play-time bath. You can also try to put in chamomile or lavender bubble bath for calming effects.


N - Nice pet can also be one of the methods to help you to overcome your baby crying. Try to show cuddly cats, dogs or rabbits to your little one. It has been proven that animals can have a calming effect to human, and this is including our little baby. However, you need to ensure there will be no scratching or biting from these animals.

G – Give her a chance to drive your Honda, by not moving the car. Just start on the engine and the radio and put her on your lap at the driver seat. She will be busy playing with the steering and screen that she will forget all about crying. Alternatively, if you afraid this will increase the petrol consumption for nothing, you can even put her in her car seat and take her for a ride.


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My Written Thoughts.. berkata...

yg tips G tuh, mesti ko slalu apply kat Madihah kan? :)

unlisted_one berkata...

tips yg last tu? terpaksa apply, sbb tiap2 hari lps balik ambik dari pengasuh,dia tak nak keluar kereta, menangis2 bila aku nak dukung dia keluar..adoi..

My Written Thoughts.. berkata...

hahaha.. xpe2, mana tau nanti Madihah leh jd pelapis pemandu F1 negara :D

iEfa berkata...

good tips...tang chicken dance tak tahannn..hihihi :D

nwey b4 apply smue tips ni kene laa tgk dulu naper baby nanges...saket ker aper ker kan ;-)

me alwitz apply A B Y..laie2 bukak upin..diam terus :D

unlisted_one berkata...

Iefa, tu la psl, bile dah tulis psl chicken dance tu baru i terfikir, takpe ke kalau org tau...haha..takpe la, bukan i letak video, so kurang malu sikit..hehe..

A B Y tu ape ye?

Jenny berkata...

Clever tips! Sometimes when our baby cries it's really overwhelming. You're post is really useful for mothers who are looking for best solutions to stop their babies from boredom and endless crying. Thanks.