Selasa, 17 November 2009

Sleepless night with a teething baby

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Teething is a nightmare to both baby and parents. Baby will be un-comfortable and maybe will have diarrhea or a fever. You can read more on this here. Here is few tips to overcome the teething pain.

1) Put ice (but please ensure to use boiled/filtered water for ice) on your baby gum, but don't put it too long at one time.

2) Give your baby something to chew, such as a teething toys or biscuits.

3) Try to give your baby something cold to eatsuch as yoghurt or applesauce.

4) Try to massage your baby gum (i failed every time, she prefer to bite my finger instead!)

5) Try to give her a clean cloth dipped into a cold water for her to chew.

6) Try to apply BONJELA to her gum.

BONJELA, there is an arguement from some parents that this product contains salicylate salts, which are found to have the same side effects as aspirin. Further complication may lead to Reyes Syndrome which can cause fatal. However, according to Bonjela's manufacturer, Reckitt Benckiser, this is only a theorical risk. They had come out with a new Bonjela product for baby and a new packaging for the original Bonjela. You can read it here.

Babies Bonjela

Adults Bonjela

Wee, at least now we have an option if we still want to use Bonjela for our babies.

4 ulasan:

Jiji berkata...

alhamdullilah sofar ani tak meraga trak demam takde apa pap.. cuma jari dia asik sumbat mulut nasib tak menceceh.

baincardin berkata...


info yg sgt berguna ni...boleh bain pinjam ya, next yr dah nak jadi bapak dah :)

*thank you so much for ur 10-star votes unlisted_one!^_^

unlisted_one berkata...

Jiji : Bestnya, kira Anis takde la tak tido mlm sbb rimas kan gigi nak tumbuh tu..

Bain : Ye ke? Bila due? Ala,..comelnya!! (tak tau kenapa, i panggil semua pregnant lady comel)

baincardin berkata...

Doctor: expected 13 May 2010. ^_^