Khamis, 5 November 2009

Beware!! Scam Alert!

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Now,..for my entry

I received this email today, it request me to log in to my maybank account because it was blocked.

I am panicking at that time, why do they want to block my account?

After reading the email, I fully understand. This is a SCAM.

NEVER Log On!! This is a phishing website URL. If you follow their instruction to Log On using the given link, it will direct you to a scam maybank2u website. When you try to log in, they will get your user name and password and used it to transfer all your money from the real maybank2u website. Please beware! Report any phishing site to maybank. You can do this by visiting the maybank2u website (the real one please!)

P/S : I know this is a well-known case, but maybe some of you are not aware how real they can make the situation look like.

4 ulasan:

karipapsayur berkata...

terkena baru-baru nih. sangar debar okayy

unlisted_one berkata...

mane tak debarnya, suka2 je dia kata akaun kite dah tutup..

Zat berkata...

banyak benda ni berlaku, kena hati2..
skrng ni macam2 care nak kaye.. menyampah ngan dorang sume, g la keja.. ni buat benda haram plak

unlisted_one berkata...

Biasa le, nak cari duit senang..nak mencuri secara online tu..senang2 aje nak menipu org..