Ahad, 1 November 2009

Is this consider as expensive?

I just bought this from one muslimah boutique..i like it very much., but everyone is telling me that its too expensive. Come to think about it, I do agree that it is quite expensive.. RM199..almost RM200! and just for one piece. I told my husband about it (luckily he's outstation), but he just told me, "its ok as long as u like it.." ,maybe he was saying that because I never buy anything for myself since the past 2 years. I'm wearing my uniform to work, so there is no need to shop for a new cloths.. Now, I need to cut back my expenses..huhu.., usually, if I am thinking of buying something, I will wait until 1-2 days and see if I'm still feel like buying it. Where are my senses?!!

Is it really that bad? Am I buying an over-expensive item?

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Edward Saminathan berkata...


Kita selalu sangat nak berjimat atau nak uruskan perbelanjaan wajib kita sehingga kadang-kala kita terfikir terlalu banyak untuk berbelanja a few hundreds on ourself.

Come to think of it sis, why do we get up every day and slog through the workday? For all the hardwork, tak salahkan nak splurge on ourselves once in a while.

You spend so much on the baby for her too look good; so it's apt that mummy looks good too. This my sister ask me to write to you..


unlisted_one berkata...

Thank you Ed! and thanks to your sister too..I feel like crying la..I never see it that way..one of my office mate cakap i ni tak pentingkan penampilan, kalau nak keluar mana2 pakai ala kadar..ape taknya,..i berkira sgt kalau nak beli ape2, sbb tu asyik pakai brg lama aje and end up jadi selekeh..huhu..

Emila Yusof berkata...

Nia, I think it's worth it!! By the look of it, I think the fabric material is of a good material. Is it lycra?

Go and splurge something for yourself once in a while, it's not wrong at all. Kak Emi pun kadang2 beli juga baju yang mahal...saja je sebab selalu dapat duit habis macam tu je, tak tau pi mana. Kalau beli baju, nampak sikit duit tu kemana.

unlisted_one berkata...

wah, kak Emi,..saya sgt impress..akak boleh tau material dia lycra..hehe..tu la, maybe sbb saya jarang beli baju, sekali beli dah rasa bersalah..thanks kak!

Nessa berkata...

I call you Nia la ye since it's shorter :)

No need to menyesal, we deserve to make ourselves hapi once in a while... bukannya slalu and you pun aware of that kan.

Kita salahkan diri sendiri pun tak guna juga. Yang penting kita suka and your hubby pun sporting :D

unlisted_one berkata...

hehe,..thanks Neesa..mmg i suka sgt pun baju tu,..kalau tak beli lg menyesal woo,..tinggal satu je tu..