Khamis, 19 November 2009

Do you have what it needs??!!

Where Moms Unite

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Where Moms Unite

1) Lots and lost of info on blogging, making money while you are blogging tips, how to use Nuggnang, Google AdSense etc. at Blog Tips.
2) Blog review for other members (the 1 st round had ended, hope they will be a 2nd round). Even if your blog are not selected, you can still get some tips from other members blog review.
3) Tips to be a working home mom (really interesting, especially if you need to spend more time with your family)
4) Forum where you can exchange views with other mommies on everything! (Yes, even gossiping!)
5) Contest on cutest baby which is getting more and more participant every month. This contest will have a different theme every month which need mommies to be creative.

and lots more at Mom Bloggers Planet!!

10 ulasan:

Hanz berkata...

Wahhh!! Bersemangat! Me pun nak buat jugak chat pasal MBP..bagus! I loikkess!!!

My Written Thoughts.. berkata...

Nia, aku belum layak lg kot utk join?? Hehe..

unlisted_one berkata...

Hanz : Uii,..Hanz pun semangat jgk nih..jgn lupa apply tau..hehe

Fiza : Beb, isteri yg target nak jadi ibu pun boleh jgk maa..tapi, sbnrnya tips2 kat blog tu byk utk blogger, that means, sesiapa pun bleh join..hehe..

My Written Thoughts.. berkata...

oooo..camtu ek:D

p/s: oh ye, pasal list aku tuh.. aku akan add sptmana yg ko sarankan! :p aku br tringat yg besday Madihah bln 12 kan?? :D

unlisted_one berkata...

yo la,..1 december...hehe..

Sumijelly berkata...

sesiapa pun leh joint.. yg baru kawhin pun boleh kan??
kat MBP nie ramai leh kenal kawan..
x caya tnya unlisted_one..
ramai kawan kan?? hehehe

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e berkata...


nanti aku buat tutorial erk psl nak buat coding badge blog tu yerr..Insya Allah, esok aku posting..

unlisted_one berkata...

Sumijelly : Ramai jgk la kenal kat MBP ni..hehe..

Ellis : Yay!! Thanks ye!

Little Mama berkata...

munira, semangat! thank you!

unlisted_one berkata...

ur welcome Littlemama!