Khamis, 22 Oktober 2009

Slurpeelicious Contest

I am desperately need everyone to help me.

I need your votes!! Yeah,.all of you who are reading this entry. Please..please...preety please with sugar on top..*i am not used of doing this*

1)Please click here

2) Click vote at my pics (by the name Munira)
Scroll down, my picture at the last row

3) enter ur email

4) Verify your votes that they send to ur email.

Its that simple!!
I am not sure how many times can one person vote..but please vote for me ok..(mcm kempen pilihanraya,..minus the 'janji2 manis')

8 ulasan:

Nessa berkata...

Morning Munira!

OK, nanti I pegi vote for you ya. Good luck!

Best jugak kalau ada janji2 manis... hehe

unlisted_one berkata...

Thanks Neesa! *happy*

I pun fikir2 jgk nak bagi something kt org yg vote, tapi i tak tau sape yg i nak bagi sbb tak dpt nak track sape yg vote..huhu..

Emila Yusof berkata...

Nia! Dah vote!!! Yay!

unlisted_one berkata...

Thanks for the vote kak Emi!!Yay!!

Little Mama berkata...

munira, me dah vote!

jom makan berkata...

good luck

sue berkata...

da vote untk awk.. good luck!

unlisted_one berkata...

Little mama , jom makan , Su :

Thank you very much. With your votes, the feeling is like winning already..sobs..sobs..