Isnin, 5 Oktober 2009

Raya gifts / give aways..! 5577 Studio

Ada contest from 2nd round mom (boleh pakai ke gelaran ni? huhu), Ms. Farah from Blog Farah berkisar tentang :

1) Her life with her 2 beautiful babies.

Business :
2) Her Design
3) Perfumes that she sell
4) Her mom's baking- yum!yum!
5) Her father's photography expertise. ---> ni ade pembetulan, actually photography is her
father hobby, not his full time job.

1. Create an entry on what you think of this blog ~

I think this blog is like a one stop portal (pusat sehenti, huhu..), you can find almost everything in this blog. It was decorated very well, sweet and nice colours, with related application. This blog is also user-friendly in terms of finding what you need as everything was arranged on the top of the blog. However, sometimes I will face difficulties to access this blog, it will hang or causing hundreads of other windows to open automaticly. I am still not sure if this problem is from my PC or the blog, but I will only face this problem only when I am entering this blog, which is so 'rugi' for me, as I like to visit this blog frequently. Sometimes when I try to submit my comment, I will also face the same problem. Maybe problem with the server.

Content wise, this blog was update regularly by Farah and the entry was supported with pictures which make it interesting to read.

2 ulasan:

5577 berkata...

wah! Thanks a lot nia! blush blush..
also thanks for being the very first one to join! sgt cpt plak tu.. farah pun tak abis edit lg.. hehe..

alahai, jd mcm tu ke.. slalu ke kena?
nak kena tanya web host ni..

btw, my dad tak buat bizness photography, he's an accountant, he just does it for hobby je..

Zat berkata...

wah, congrate ye menang contest 5577 tu..haha.
best ayat yang kamu buat ni, patutla menang