Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Mom Bloggers Planet

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"Seriously, this is not a mommy blogs, but a blog's for bloggers"

Where Malaysian Moms Unite is the tagline.
This is one of my favourite blogs. WHY?

Because of the info that I can get from it.

You may thought most of the info is on how to take care of babies and family,..but it's not.

The info is more about how to BLOG. Yup, mom blogger's blog is not about how to be a mommy, but how to be a better blogger.

Other than that, I just love the blog review, although my blog miss it for this year, I can still take some tips from the others blog review. Hope to collect enough points to have my own blog review.

For this month, Bagskaki is sponsoring some prize for top referrer.

I never get to be a top referrer, and I am hoping for it this month.

Do visit MBPOK!!

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mama zharfan berkata...

ni kunjungan balas...thanks sbb singgah kat my blog..
oh yer...psl pertanyaan u tu..kalau nak tau latest contests in msia, u boleh join forum. jd member + subscriber...i would say 90% contest in msia are listed there, contest result pun ada...check it out yer!!

baincardin berkata...

salam ^_^

thank you so much for the votes! :)
and terima kasih atas singgahan di blog saya ")
saya baru je add ur link in my blog.
keep in touch ya! ^_^

baincardin berkata...

waaah!!...sekali lagi, terima kasih byk2 dgn votes tu! ^_^ yehooo!!!~