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My name : Madihah bt. Muhamad Zamzuri
D.O.B : 1st December, 2008

This is her so-called keyboard. This keyboard come with 3 function :
1 - Nursery rhyme songs
2- Voice teaching alphabet + animal sound
3 - Voice teaching on numbers

The function also come with lighting from the alphabets. So far, my baby only interested on the lighting. She will press the keyboard just to make sure the lighting is there and then she will try to grab the lighting. Sometimes I heard her trying to imitate the animals sound..Err,..Madihah, I thought you should try to imitate the alphabet and number sound?

Maybe she was thinking, where is the lights? Which button should I push?

Smiling beside her keyboard

This is her favourite soft toy, a moose named BINGO. This is a present from her grandmother. At first, she was afraid with Bingo. Maybe because of the colour, but currently Bingo is her best friend. There is a time when we went back to K.Terengganu and we forgot to bring Bingo along, me and my husband was having a really hard time to comfort her at night. She treated Bingo like her best friend, sometimes I realize she sort of asking Bingo to play with her. Imaginary friend,..maybe..

Madihah and Bingo hanging around.....

Meet my buddy,..Bingo..
For me, toys is important in early childhood learning as toys can stimulate the mind to think further and it can expand our child creativity. It will also train our child to relate everything that happen around her. Most of the toys that come out with a sound or lights can train our child to think about action and consequences that can happen. A toys can also be an entertainment for them, they will know that toy is something that can bring joy to them but in the same time, it can help them to learn something new.
A toy can also act as the child best friend, the child will think of any activity that she/he can do with their 'friend'(I am thinking about Calvin & Hobbes when I wrote this)

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CatlinaFly berkata...

salam hopping from MBP!

MamaDamia a.k.a Haiza berkata...

kunjungan balas dari saya...hai dear...thanks sudi singgah my blog..sapa kata anak u tak pandai posing?...look at Madihah...she really cute with her this age...kiranya Madihah ni sangat pandai bergaya tau...tak kira lambat macam mana pun...kita cuba ajar dia..lambat2 pun takpa..asalkan kita terus bagi sokongan n ajar dia...orang lain tengok anak i mungkin akan cakap sama macam u cakap...tapi bila i tengok anak orang lain...ramai lagi anak2 dorang yang boleh buat lebih dari apa yang Damia boleh buat...tu la tugas ibu...mendidik dan terus mengajar anak mereka...anyway gud luck gak ye tuk contest tu...jemput2 la selalu ke blog saya ye...i add link blog u ni kat blog i ye....lastly salam perkenalan again dari saya :)