Sabtu, 29 Ogos 2009

H1N1 Awareness - for babies

I went for my baby check up yesterday. We had our H1N1 screening test at the hospital entrance. After marking us with a sticker and sanitising our hand, we are allowed to enter..(they even ask us if we are there for the baby. I suspected they will not allow the baby to enter if it is the parents check up). Me and my husband wore our facemask, when it suddenly strikes me,..what about our baby? From what I knew, 3 group that is very critical to this virus are :

1) Baby/ small kids
2) Pregnant lady
3) Senior citizen ( is that the translation for 'warga tua'?hehe)

So, I took one of extra face mask, folded it a bit on the top, tied a knot at both of the strings and put it on my baby. At first, I doubt that she will wear it, I thought she will be uncomfortable and remove it immediately. Luckily, she just look at me with her round eyes without making a sound. It last until the end of our visit. I am not saying my baby is extra-ordinary but all babies will have their un-predictable traits..for my baby, this is hers. This is how she looks like..

Most babies refuse to wear a facemask which leaves their parents no choice but to leave them like that. I realize that there is no facemask that can suit a baby or a baby-friendly facemask (which means, facemask that is comfortable for them). Which is a surprise as babies are one of the critical group.Or is there any? Maybe I am not aware about baby facemask in the market.

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Edward Saminathan berkata...


Mana tahu ada chance jadi pakar bedah satu hari nanti? :)


unlisted_one berkata...


Iyer la,..nampak mcm doktor la pulak..hopefully kan..hehe..

SYAbAR berkata...

Akak hari ni pi Jln Masjid India... rasa seram sgt, nak balik cepat je sbb takut bila memandang ramai yg pakai topeng tu dik...

unlisted_one berkata...

hehe,..mcm nak merompak aje ye kak

SYAbAR berkata...

sepatutnya pembekal kena fikirkan juga saiz topeng utk suitkan dgn baby kan dik!

aadzrah berkata...

Waaaah, baiknya Diha. Tahan pulak dia pakai mask tu. Kalau QQ mesti dah meronta2. Dia pakai topi pun tahan berapa saat je di kepala!

Emila Yusof berkata...

aww cute madihah!!

unlisted_one berkata...

Kak SYAbAR : Itu la kak, diaorg ni tak terfikir pulak nak buatkan utk baby.

Are : Majoriti baby memang takkan nak pakai pun, rimas. Kat hospital tu, baby lain semua tak nak pakai. Si Diha ni, mood baik kot hari tu..,redha aje..hehe.

Kak Emi : Cute sbb nampak mata aje..hehe